Exploring Manurewa Neighbourhoods: A Vibrant and Diverse Community

Manurewa Neighbourhoods

Posted by Jay Singh

July 11, 2024
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Welcome to Manurewa, a vibrant and diverse suburb located in South Auckland. Known for its rich history, multicultural community, and abundant green spaces, Manurewa offers a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. 

Whether you’re considering moving to Manurewa or simply exploring its neighbourhoods, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need. Let’s dive into the heart of Manurewa and discover what makes this community so special.

History and Heritage of Manurewa

Manurewa’s history is deeply rooted in both Maori and colonial heritage. The name Manurewa, which means “floating kite,” is derived from a traditional Maori legend about two brothers flying kites​​. This rich cultural history is evident in the many historical sites and landmarks scattered throughout the suburb.

Significant historical sites include the Auckland Botanic Gardens, which attract nearly a million visitors annually, and the original location of the Manurewa Railway Station, established in 1875​ ​. These landmarks not only tell the story of Manurewa’s past but also contribute to its charm and character today.

Demographics and Population

Manurewa is home to a diverse population of nearly 100,000 residents. This multicultural community is reflected in the local markets, restaurants, and community events that bring people together​. 

The suburb has one of the highest proportions of residents aged under 25, making it a vibrant area with a focus on youth and family activities​​.

Key Neighbourhoods in Manurewa

Manurewa Town Centre

The Manurewa Town Centre is the heart of the suburb, bustling with activity and offering a wide range of amenities. Here, you can find everything from local markets to shopping centres and community services. 

The Manurewa Market, held every Sunday, is a highlight, offering fresh produce, local crafts, and a lively atmosphere​ ​.

Wiri Industrial Estate

Wiri Industrial Estate is a significant economic hub within Manurewa. It hosts numerous businesses and industries, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy. 

The area is well-connected by public transport and major roadways, making it easily accessible for both workers and visitors​ ​.


Clendon is a residential neighbourhood known for its community spirit and family-friendly environment. The area features several parks, schools, and local shops, making it a convenient and pleasant place to live. 

Community facilities such as the Clendon Community Centre provide residents with a variety of programs and activities​ .


Homai is a residential area in Manurewa distinguished by its educational institutions and recreational facilities. The neighbourhood is home to several primary and secondary schools, making it an attractive option for families. 

Homai also features parks and sports fields, offering ample opportunities for outdoor activities and community events​​.

Randwick Park

Randwick Park has seen significant development in recent years, with new community projects enhancing its appeal. 

The neighbourhood boasts a state-of-the-art skate park, a multi-purpose sports complex, and numerous parks and green spaces. These amenities make Randwick Park a vibrant and active community, ideal for families and young people​​.


Weymouth offers a coastal lifestyle with its beautiful waterfront and relaxed atmosphere. The neighbourhood features scenic walkways, picnic spots, and recreational areas along the Manukau Harbour. Weymouth is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities and stunning views. The area is also known for its friendly community and peaceful residential environment​​.

Attractions and Activities

Auckland Botanic Gardens

One of Manurewa’s most notable attractions is the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Spanning over 64 hectares, the gardens offer a serene escape with thousands of plant species, themed gardens, and walking trails. 

The gardens also host events such as the Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition, attracting visitors from all over Auckland. The Auckland Botanic Gardens are a must-visit for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat within the city​ ​.

Totara Park

Totara Park is another gem in Manurewa, offering extensive recreational facilities including walking trails, playgrounds, and sports courts. The park is a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts, providing a variety of activities in a picturesque setting. 

Totara Park also features mountain bike tracks and horse riding trails, catering to a wide range of interests and fitness levels​​.

Nathan Homestead

Nathan Homestead is the cultural heart of Manurewa, serving as a community arts centre. It offers a range of classes and workshops in visual and performing arts, making it a hub for creativity and cultural expression. 

The homestead’s beautiful gardens and historic buildings add to its charm, making it a popular venue for events and gatherings. Nathan Homestead provides a welcoming space for artists and community members to engage in cultural activities and enhance their artistic skills​.

Manurewa Pool and Leisure Centre

The Manurewa Pool and Leisure Centre is a top facility for fitness and recreation. It features swimming pools, a gym, and a variety of community programs. The centre is a popular spot for residents looking to stay active and engage in community activities. 

With its modern facilities and welcoming environment, the Manurewa Pool and Leisure Centre is an excellent resource for health and wellness in the community​​.

Living in Manurewa

Housing Market

Manurewa offers a diverse range of housing options, making it an attractive location for both buyers and renters. The suburb features everything from standalone houses and townhouses to apartments and units. 

In recent years, the housing market in Manurewa has seen steady growth, driven by its affordability compared to other Auckland suburbs and its proximity to essential amenities and transportation.

Property prices in Manurewa vary depending on the specific neighbourhood and type of property. For example, areas like Weymouth, with its coastal charm, may command higher prices compared to other parts of Manurewa. 

However, the overall affordability and potential for capital growth make Manurewa a popular choice for first-time buyers and investors alike.

Schools and Education

Education is a key focus in Manurewa, with a range of quality schools catering to different educational needs. The suburb is home to several primary, intermediate, and secondary schools, each offering various programs and extracurricular activities to support student development.

Notable schools in Manurewa include Manurewa High School, which is known for its diverse curriculum and strong emphasis on academic excellence, and Alfriston College, which offers innovative learning environments and a broad range of subjects. 

Additionally, there are several early childhood education centres and private schools available, providing parents with a variety of choices for their children’s education.

Transportation and Connectivity

Manurewa is well-connected to the rest of Auckland, making it a convenient suburb for commuters. The suburb is served by a robust public transportation network, including buses and trains. 

The Manurewa Train Station provides regular services to central Auckland and other parts of the city, making daily commutes straightforward and efficient.

Major roadways, such as the Southern Motorway, run through Manurewa, offering easy access to both the city centre and the wider Auckland region. 

For those who prefer to drive, the suburb’s strategic location means that key destinations, including Auckland Airport and various commercial hubs, are within easy reach.

Accessibility to Other Parts of Auckland and Commuting Options

Manurewa is strategically located, offering excellent accessibility to other parts of Auckland. The suburb is well-served by a robust public transportation network, making commuting both convenient and efficient.

  • Public Transportation: Manurewa Train Station provides regular services to central Auckland and other key destinations, making it easy for residents to commute for work or leisure. The train services are complemented by an extensive bus network that connects various parts of Manurewa with the wider Auckland region. This integration of train and bus services ensures that residents have multiple options for their daily commutes​.
  • Road Networks: Major roadways such as the Southern Motorway run through Manurewa, providing direct access to central Auckland and beyond. This makes it convenient for those who prefer to drive. The Southern Motorway also connects Manurewa to other major commercial hubs and Auckland Airport, facilitating easy travel for both business and personal purposes​ ​.
  • Cycling and Walking Paths: For those who prefer a more active commute, Manurewa offers several cycling and walking paths. These paths provide a scenic and eco-friendly way to navigate the suburb and connect with other parts of Auckland. The Puhinui Reserve and the Weymouth Walkway are popular among residents for both commuting and recreational purposes​.


Manurewa stands out as a vibrant and diverse suburb, offering a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. The suburb’s rich cultural heritage, coupled with its modern amenities, makes it an attractive place to live for people of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’re considering investing or living in Manurewa, contact Jay for personalised advice and expert guidance. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, Jay has the local knowledge and expertise to help you make the best real estate decisions. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, Jay is dedicated to helping you achieve your property goals with confidence.

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